My favorite book

Do you ever think what is my favorite book well I do and I say  I like dear dumb diary why because it is very interesting it hooks me in.

And I don’t need to start a new book each time because there is different seasons to read and the fun never ends the fun reading is what I meant.

and that is my favorite book.

Here is some question for you to answer.

what is your favorite book?

Why do you like that book?

is it a chapter book?

is it a picture book?



One thought on “My favorite book

  1. Dear Meeka,

    I love how you descripted your description about your favourite book.
    -My fovourite book is “Matilda”
    -I love that book because it changes your mood soooo much and It’s just a really great book.
    -Yes It’s a chapter book.
    -No It’s not a chapter book

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