My favorite book

Do you ever think what is my favorite book well I do and I say  I like dear dumb diary why because it is very interesting it hooks me in.

And I don’t need to start a new book each time because there is different seasons to read and the fun never ends the fun reading is what I meant.

and that is my favorite book.

Here is some question for you to answer.

what is your favorite book?

Why do you like that book?

is it a chapter book?

is it a picture book?



Our Excursion

First we did a ceremony it was so cool but it was very smoky. Then we talked about some plants it was very interesting.

Then we made some string. My partner was Allegra we did a great job! Well i think so you might not. Then we went to the yarra river it was surprisingly small but still cool. I think we should all be grateful that we have a little bit of the stuff to remember all the aborigines. Then we did some painting it was so awesome. After that we went for a tour and then we touched some possum fur  and sadly that wraps up our amazing  day.