Mother Earth

Dear mother earth

i will try to stop people from picking flower peddle and tree leaves.

i will also try to stop people from littering and putting bottles and recyclable things in the dirt bins because all of the things that can be used are just sitting there that could be reused.

How can you help care for the earth?

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The respiratory system

The respiratory system helps you breath. It is a group of organs that help you breathe in O2- oxygen and carbon dioxide from your lungs.They work as a team but one organ dose its job but at the end it was a team efet to make one breath.


First you breath in air that air comes in your mouth or nose and down the trachea then throw your to your lungs Then into your bronchiole.


After the air goes into your blood sells but you don’t want carbon dioxide that is why you breath it out O2 helps us do activities.
Just think all that happens in just a breath so respect your respiratory system.

My favorite book

Do you ever think what is my favorite book well I do and I say  I like dear dumb diary why because it is very interesting it hooks me in.

And I don’t need to start a new book each time because there is different seasons to read and the fun never ends the fun reading is what I meant.

and that is my favorite book.

Here is some question for you to answer.

what is your favorite book?

Why do you like that book?

is it a chapter book?

is it a picture book?



Our Excursion

First we did a ceremony it was so cool but it was very smoky. Then we talked about some plants it was very interesting.

Then we made some string. My partner was Allegra we did a great job! Well i think so you might not. Then we went to the yarra river it was surprisingly small but still cool. I think we should all be grateful that we have a little bit of the stuff to remember all the aborigines. Then we did some painting it was so awesome. After that we went for a tour and then we touched some possum fur  and sadly that wraps up our amazing  day.

The incursion

So I am going to tell you about my amazing incursion that was about the digestive system  and we  had so much fun so time to get comfortable  and here we go to the world of digestive system.

So first we started in the mouth we each got a lollie that tasted amazing so we let it sit on our tongue and then we start to chew our food turned into a little ball  and then into the esophagus.

So we went into the esophagus we learnt about how the esophagus uses its muscles to push the food that it’s called parasites then we played a super fun game called the parasites race the team that won got another lollie but my team did not win so then we went into the stomach.

So we are in the stomach and we did this activity when you must put bread and water into a plastic bag and be the stomach so we mooched all the bread and water together then we put coco and ots to make more and then we went into the small intestines and we put a   chansik wipe into the cup and then we poured the mixture into the cup and then squeezed the cloth so all the mixture out and we made poo. And then we went to talk about all the other parts of the digestive system and we got to touch a gout tongue and a pig’s intestine and a pig’s stomach it was gross it had a lot of skwishy bit and it was very weird so now we are at the end of our digestive system. IMG_5079